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How do I correctly use your avatar packages? 

➟ As the setup may differ between avatar generations (find out more below) and a "How to" may need a bit more explanation in some parts I made a separate site for it.


Find the "How to..." & advice on known issues HERE


Which Rules do I have to follow?

➟ All Rules are listed in the Terms of Service!


Can I commission you to edit your avatars to my liking?

➟ This depends on the complexity of the changes you wish for. Generally, I do free edits for all Avatars from Gen. 1 - Gen. 2.

These edits inlcude recolors and simple adjustments in Unity (adding glasses, expressions, changing physics, etc.).

Any edits beyond that I DON'T do. Anything that must be done in Blender or is too complex to fit in what is mentioned above I can not offer. For further information take a look at Question #7!


Can I ask you for help if I am facing any problems with your packages?

➟ yes, of course, please use any of the following contact options:

‣ Fill out the "Product support" form in Support

‣ Open a ticket in "#✉open-ticket" (If you are on the Blondies Bikemeet server).

‣ Create a post in #☏bugs-or-suggestions (If you are on the Blondies Bikemeet server).


What does "Gen. 1"/"Gen. 1.5"/"Gen. 2"/etc. mean?

➟ My avatars are categorized into Generations. These Generations mark certain things like creation time period, features, setup, compatibility, etc. (only internally I there is not a specific combination of these factors set to imply a next generation). Avatar generations can be viewed in the Avatar gallery and on each product page.


Mainly the generational gap is defined by how old the avatars are (implying how they are set up) and what features they have (regardless of if they had an update). Here are some of the defining factors of each generation: Gen. 1 -

  • Oldest avatars

  • Most originally set up in Unity 2017 with SDK2

  • Dynamic bones

  • Deleted meshes + Daylight (Safe)

  • limited features

  • Including TDA and game rips

  • Most with quest adaptations

  • Not sold

  • Only VRChat versions

Gen. 1.5 -

  • Mostly considered older avatars

  • Most originally setup in Unity 2018 with SDK3

  • Dynamic bones

  • No deleted meshes + After Dark (Unsafe)

  • Better/More but still limited features

  • Including TDA and game rips

  • No quest adaptations

  • Not sold

  • Only VRChat versions

Gen. 2 -

  • New avatars

  • Many remakes

  • Most originally setup in Unity 2019 with SDK3

  • Physbones

  • No deleted meshes + After Dark (Unsafe)

  • Many features & customization options

  • All scratch made (Mainly assets from other creators)

  • No quest adaptations

  • Being sold

  • VTuber adaptations with ARKit

Gen. 3 -

  • - Coming Soon -


Here are all the avatars listed in each generation:

Gen. 1 -

CyberLewdie, CowGirl, Haley, Devil, Linn & Valentina, Ruby, UkonGuy, Ashley, Riley, Becca & Sarah, Sinseilia & Sinistra, Mira, Mina, CyberGirl, James, Alaska, Camilla, Heather, Syntia, Alice, BadGirl, Spider-Roxy

Gen. 1.5 -

Freyja, Mykie, Pumpkin, Mia, Linn V2, Jess, Harley, David, Domino

Gen. 2 -

Echo, Hazel, Lilith, Sophie, Damien, Delilah, Wednesday, Salem, Mia V2, Pumpkin V2, Linn V3, Alice V2, Becca V2

Gen. 3 -

  • - Coming Soon -

Avatar generations


Can you help me to learn Blender/Unity?