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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I correctly use your avatar packages? 

➟ As the setup may differ between avatar generations (find out more below) and a "How to" may need a bit more explanation in some parts I made a separate site for it.


Find the "How to..." & advice on known issues HERE


Which Rules do I have to follow?

➟ All Rules are listed in the Terms of Service!


Can I commission you to edit your avatars to my liking?

➟ This depends on the complexity of the changes you wish for. Generally, I do free edits for all Avatars from Gen. 1 - Gen. 2.

These edits inlcude recolors and simple adjustments in Unity (adding glasses, expressions, changing physics, etc.).

Any edits beyond that I DON'T do. Anything that must be done in Blender or is too complex to fit in what is mentioned above I can not offer. For further information take a look at Question #7!


Can I ask you for help if I am facing any problems with your packages?

➟ yes, of course, please use any of the following contact options:

‣ Fill out the "Product support" form in Support

‣ Open a ticket in "#✉open-ticket" (If you are on the Blondies Bikemeet server).

‣ Create a post in #☏bugs-or-suggestions (If you are on the Blondies Bikemeet server).


What does "Gen. 1"/"Gen. 1.5"/"Gen. 2"/etc. mean?