Renders & Wallpapers
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Do you wish to have a nice wallpaper of your fav Jana avi?

Do your wallpapers have to be high-quality?

Do you have Wallpaper Engine and want movement and effects on your wallpapers?

Then check out this series of high-quality renders of Jana's avatars!
All of these do not only have multiple high-quality outfit variations but also come with Wallpaper Engine wallpapers with nice effects!

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All of these wallpapers are high-quality 8k renders I made myself!
These are made as a nice gimmick for you I can have some fun with, so I will only do these renders when I have the time and want to!

Do not repost these
Do not steal these
Do not claim these as your own
Do not sell these
You may use these as profile pictures

Download Wallpapers  ➟ Download the .zip file containing all wallpaper versions
Wallpaper Engine Info  ➟ Opens an info-window listing all features the Wallpaper Engine versions has
Title/Short Description  ➟ Opens the Steam page of the described Wallpaper Engine wallpaper version