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Pricing adjustments & Gumroad releases!

Some big news for the shop! buckle up! Pricing adjustments:

✦ Salem - 35€30€ ✦ Wednesday - 35€ ⫸ 30€

✦ Delilah - 35€ ⫸ 30€

✦ Lilith - 35€ ⫸ 30€

All VTuber models - 20-25€ ⫸ 15€

Gumroad releases!

You are now able to buy all my models from Gumroad!

Many individuals enjoy the convenience of Gumroad and are familiar with it, thus making my models available there will aid in finding them easily.

This is how the Gumroad store differs from this Shop:

✦ All product prices will be +5€ to account for fees

✦ The only payment option available is PayPal

✦ The Gumroad store will only feature Avatars - No Assets/VTuber/Other products

Free products are not accessible in the Gumroad store

✦ Any Sales or Promotions are not applicable in the Gumroad store ✦ Product updates are downloadable directly from within Gumroad

✦ Pay how much you want (Pay more to support) ✦ Every avatar purchase on Gumroad/the Shop is eligible to request a product key for the other platform ( Request a key in Support )

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