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I am searching for talented videographers, editors, performers, and photographers for my next projects! I have been very satisfied with my recent showcase videos and photoshoots, though I know a few of the people that made these projects possible are not able to do that all the time. ♡ If you are interested to work with me on any of my upcoming projects feel free to fill out the google forms document below! In there you will be able to... ✦ find a detailed description of what your job will look like ✦ find an explanation of what I am looking for in a video/performance etc. with examples! ✦ send examples of your work ✦ state how you would like to be rewarded/paid ✦ set permissions for publishing, credits etc. ✦ vote on the implementation of a promotion channel and roles for these services! ✦ apply for multiple positions ✧ Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested in taking part!

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