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Commission info & TOS

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General information:

‣ I am allowed to use the assets I made for your model on my other models
‣ All of the assets on your avatar will be scratch-made, no game-rips, TDA, or similar
‣ If you want specific assets to be used on your commission that are not made by me you have to buy the original creator's asset
‣ I will only do non-quest models
‣ You need a reference sheet of your character

What I can do:

‣ Creating assets from scratch
‣ Rigging, Weight Painting, Texturing, UV editing
‣ High res textures with normal maps and more
‣ Custom shape keys
‣ Apple ARKit tracking

‣ Dynamic bones & Physbones
‣ Facial emotes + Smaller animations (having a sword in hand etc.)
‣ Particle trails
‣ World constraints, Parent constraints etc.

‣ Small particle systems (something floating around the avatar etc.)
‣ Toggleable clothing/props
‣ SDK 3.0 Toggles, Puppets, Radial Puppets, and more

The process of commissioning me:

1. What I need from you:
‣ Provide a full reference sheet
‣ Give a detailed description of any changes + provide images

2. Before I start:
‣ I will inform you of the price
‣ I can make a little preview of some parts if needed

3. Timespan:
‣ It may take 1-4 weeks or more for your model to be finished. I will give an overview of how far I have come in-between

4. Payment:
‣ You have to pay the full price once I informed you that I'll start working on it
‣ Payment only via Paypal invoice

5. Testing:
‣ Your model will go through a testing phase to see if everything works

6. Commission done
‣ When your commission is finished I will hand out the Unitypackage via a Google Drive link with information about what I have included in the package, how to use it, the rules, and a credit list so you know where every asset is from if needed
‣ I can make an upload if you wish for it


‣ I will only work on one commission at a time

‣ Do not resell
‣ Do not claim as your own
‣ Do not upload as public
‣ Include my logo in the upload picture
‣ To re-use assets made by other creator's you have to buy the original asset
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